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Vintage Disney Sheet Music

Still on the subject of Disney music, I found a wonderful photo set on Flickr of vintage sheet music. There are two photos of Disney songs, I’m Wishing from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs. The covers are beautifully illustrated and definitely… Read More »Vintage Disney Sheet Music

Obscure Disney CDs

Just like most Disney fans, I have lots of CDs of Disney music from the movies and theme parks. There are so many great albums available by so many different artists that you’re likely to miss some really entertaining stuff! Here are three semi-obscure CDs that I think you should try: Dave Digs Disney –… Read More »Obscure Disney CDs

Disney’s Walk of Magical Memories

I think every Disneyland fan should have a brick in Disney’s Walk of Magical Memories. If you haven’t noticed, these hexagon-shaped bricks fill the entrance plaza between Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, and you can purchase a brick of your very own, which can include your name, hometown, and a special date. I’ve had my… Read More »Disney’s Walk of Magical Memories

Disney Fishing

One of my favorite Walt Disney World memories is going on an early morning fishing excursion with my parents. My dad used to go fishing all the time, but in my childhood we never got to fish for bass together, so I planned this as a nice family experience. We were staying at the Grand… Read More »Disney Fishing

DisneyToon Sequels

There are early images from some upcoming Direct-to-Disney-DVD sequels at the Disney Database, namely Bambi II, Lilo & Stitch II and Tarzan II. Personally, I always take a "rent first" attitude with these kind of productions. If I really like it, I’ll go ahead and buy it (I thought the sequels to Lady and the… Read More »DisneyToon Sequels

Guest Blogger: Mikey

Here at The Disney Blog we have a certain perspective on the Walt Disney Company. I guess I am reverant of the company’s glorious past (as reflected in the collective memory of its fans), wishful that the future will bring a return to that glory (whether it actually existed or not), and pragmatic about its… Read More »Guest Blogger: Mikey

Expedition Everest Arises

Some amazing aerial shots of the construction for Disney’s newest mega coaster, Expedition Everest. (You may have to scroll down the page some). This addition to Animal Kingdom will feature thrills never experienced at a Disney theme park before. From the progress of the construction I would place the date of these photos at mid… Read More »Expedition Everest Arises

Virtual Disney Attractions

Following in the amazing footsteps of the Adventure Thru Inner Space DVD comes Virtual Toad. A project that began with the announced closing of the once popular Disney World attraction still plods on today. Spencer has completed his rendering of the attraction queue and loading zone (A QTVR is available). I can’t wait to see… Read More »Virtual Disney Attractions