Kevin Baxter from Themepark Insider examines Eisner's company legacy and comes up with a few ideas for the last two years of his reign... mainly follow the Oriental Land Company's lead and speand some big bucks on the parks.
The Walt Disney Company inducted twelve new members into the equivilant of the Disney Hall of Fame, the Disney Legends. Following are the 2004 Disney Legends: Bill Anderson(a) (film and television producer) -- One of The Walt Disney Company's most prolific film and television producers, Anderson also dedicated 24 years of service as a member
Now that the hurricane's appear to have left the Orlando area for a bit, things are getting back to normal for's webmaster. As such he is back with his bi-monthly roundup of the latest changes, rumors, and new attractions at Disney's American Themeparks. Go check it out!
Empire Movie Reviews posts four posters for the upcoming Pixar flick "The Incredibles". Movie opens November 5th. This movie is a little bit of a departure for Pixar. It steers away from the child friendly pictures like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monster's Inc., and toward movies made for the older children in the family