Remember last week when I suggested that Pixar was a good buy prior to the release of its 3Q profit numbers. Well now I'm not alone. They're setting a target price $15 above current levels too. ( great hand drawn promotional poster of The Incredibles from Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy).)
This article in USAToday nicely sums up why Disney and Pixar are likely to hook up again. Also covered is a similar situation with Miramax. Yes, having the talent to produce good films is important. But almost as important is control of the film library. Disney makes huge profits every year with spinoffs, sequels, and
In an interview with WESH TV Michael Chartrand talks about his return to work after being acquitted of Molestation charges. Sunday, he had another pleasant experience -- he returned to Walt Disney World, where he was greeted by friends, co-workers and park visitors. The article mentions new procedures for the walk around characters as a