Judging the variety of animation which is being released in recent years it would seem logical to conclude that the animation industry is in fairly good shape. However, this is very far from reality where the animation industry is struggling to stay alive and competitive.David over at Syndicate posts his run down on the state
LaughingPlace.com has video and photos of the new Peace on Earth Holiday Fireworks Spectacular ending to the mainstay Illuminations night show. Of course celebrating Peace on Earth with fireworks is akin to celebrating the Eiffel Tower by tearing it down and casting souvenirs from the scrap. But hey, they're pretty.
Continuing with our hunt for maps of Disneyland and Disney World I direct you to Themeparkbrochures.com (Note: Website is now defunct 02/06) where they are trying to amass a digital history of the brochure maps for all amusement and themeparks. Their collection of Disneyland and Disneyworld maps are kind of skimpy, but still quite interesting.
More rumblings between the Weinstein brothers and Disney regarding the future of their company Miramax. Eventually these rumblings are going to build upto an earthquake and Disney is on much more stable footing. The whole issue comes down to how much money a profit center makes for the company. Corporate hands out goals for the
Well, the word is in from the first few days of shows - Mary Poppins the musical is a smash hit. Broadway.com has collected snippets from many reviewers (almost all positive). Playbill ponders how fast they can get a production going in the states (New York, of course) and where the could put it (perhaps