Apparently Disneyland Paris was in a bit more financial trouble than previously believed. It had to file for bankruptcy again. This new plan should provide it some needed dept relief and investments in new attractions. Hopefully things will finally turn around for this debt strapped company.
If you visited Walt Disney World in the past and are trying to remember some details about that attraction that has since been closed or remodeled, then there is only one destination on the internet for you -- Walt Dated World. Alison has made quite a few updates this month: There is now a full
Michael Kovalchick of Graphically Speaking found some vintage matchbook covers from the early days of the Contemporary and Polynesian Hotels. Wanting to share the glory of those classic logos, he reproduced them and has made them available via illustrator files. My favorite is the Polynesian logo, but then I'm a tiki nut. (via
I've written before about the decision Imagineers had to make when faced with the themepark equivalent of Moore's law. Essentially, as the technological present changes at an ever increasing speed, the ability of Disney to keep up with a themed and exciting view of the future wanes in reverse proportion. Somewhere along the way, probably