If you're over thirty and a fan of Disneyland then you probably remember the classic Tomorrowland attraction Adventure Thru Inner Space (ATIS). If your parents were fans of the attraction there is a chance that you were even concieved there too. The dark spaces were favorite make-out spots in the days before infrared cameras. Yesterland
On the heels of the recent contract votes for the unions representing almost half of the WDW workforce, Disney World's Security is in negotiations over some of the same details (higher healthcare costs, overtime, etc) that were the sticking points with the larger group. As before the union leaders have recommended that the workers accept
The four hurricanes that hit Florida could hurt the tourism industry for years, as a fifth of potential summer visitors told researchers they would consider avoiding the state for fear of the storms, officials said today. That could translate into $2.7 billion in lost business for Florida's biggest industry and $160 million in lost taxes
A short drive from the gates of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom lay the gates of another era, another culture, the gates to Splendid China. Alas, the wonderously detailed attraction was never able to pull in enough tourist dollars to make a go at it in the competitve Orlando arena, and was forced to close
Business Week Online has an article with another look at the complex negotiations between Pixar and Disney for a future partnership. Of interest here is the theory that Pixar's move to push Cars release date to summer signifies a step by Pixar into Disney's traditional summer playground. As a negotiating tatic it's bold saying that