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National Review reviews The Incredibles

Most kids’ entertainment is about kids. Pixar movies are about adults. They show children what adults are supposed to do — to be brave and self-sacrificing, to defend children even at risk to themselves, to give even in the face of ingratitude. This is wise because, after all, children aren’t going to remain children. Just… Read More »National Review reviews The Incredibles

New Disneyland Aerial Photo

Zan has done a yoeman’s job of stitching together 150 panels of public domain USGS 1 foot resolution color Urban Image data to make a new overhead shot of the Disneyland Resort from sometime around December 2003. At one foot resolution you can pick out some amazing details (statues, christmas decor, attraction vehicles). 

Whither Disney Animation?

With Pixar and Disney on the outs, Dreamworks with a few succesful films under it’s belt (not to mention Shrek2 the most successful animated film ever), and talent drain turning into a possible drought, what will happen to Disney’s feature animation division? They risk the chance of being the 4th or 5th ranked animated film… Read More »Whither Disney Animation?

The Incredibles from a writer’s viewpoint

the film makes fun of everything from superhero cliches, such as a villain "monologuing," to educational cliches, such as mom Elastigirl tells her educationally-challenged son, "Every child is special," to which Dash sardonically but correctly replies, "If everyone is special, then NO ONE is special." A savvy comment on the blanderizing of America in which… Read More »The Incredibles from a writer’s viewpoint

Incredible BOFFO

Earning an estimated 70.7 Million Dollars The Incredibles beats Pixar’s previous best weekend opening numbers from Finding Nemo. That’s a good sign if you ask me. The three-day weekend total was the best ever for a film released by Disney, and Saturday’s $29.4 million was the highest single-day tally for Disney. Not too shabby there… Read More »Incredible BOFFO

What to do on an otherwise quiet Sunday

Why check up on the Lindsay Lohan fan blog, of course. According to The National Enquirer, the ‘Mean Girls’ star’s relentless work schedule, nonstop partying and multiple car crashes have taken a heavy toll on her emotions. Her friends say she is on the road to self destruction. The full National Enquirer story is here.