Disney Family Museum faces roadblocks

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The Disney Family Foundation plans to open a museum at the Presidio in San Francisco. But there is some question as to whether such a museum belongs there. Now the foundation wants to expand their original idea and renovate even more of the original Presidio buildings. That’s making even more people unhappy.

Let me editorialize again… I think that the whole idea of having a Disney Museum in a region where Walt Disney spent almost no time in his life is the dumbest idea. Surely there is some building in Glendale or Burbank (or even in Marceline if they have to) that can become the permanent home to the Disney Family Foundation collection. The only reason I can think to build the museum in San Francisco is its close location to the family’s current business, vineyards. A location at the Presidio would be like building the Gettysburg Museum in New York City because some of General Meade’s descendants live there now.

Can someone with some sense and a building in Burbank or Glendale please step forward?

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