Disney to Close Pirates of the Caribbean for Movie Makeover

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Disney made it official today. The Disneyland and Disney World Pirates of the Caribbean attractions will be undergoing a 3-4 month makeover to work in character and plot elements from the movie series that took its inspiration from the original attraction.

"Successfully adding the popular characters from the ‘Pirates of the
Caribbean’ films with the mythology of our classic attraction is an example of
Disney synergy and Walt Disney Imagineering at its finest," said Jay Rasulo,
chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "These additions will result in an
exciting new chapter for the attraction and an unforgettable experience for
our guests, giving them another reason to come and be a part of our continuing
50th anniversary celebration."

Okay. So it’s a little odd, changing an attraction with characters from a movie that was based on the original attraction. But I’ve been told not to worry by people I trust. So I’m not worrying. Really. I’m not.

Johhny Depp is going to have a permanent home at Disneyland and that’s got to be good, right?

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10 thoughts on “Disney to Close Pirates of the Caribbean for Movie Makeover”

  1. Just got back from DLR today. We rode Pirates and I remember thinking how cool it was that something Walt loved so dearly and was the last thing he touched at Disneyland was still going strong (despite the fact the queue was empty); and then I come home and read this.
    Well, I guess part of me is against it for the reason mentioned above, and the rest of me, the part that knows my say makes no matter so accept the facts, remembers the whole spiel about Disneyland never being done as long as there is imagination and all that. I just hope they don’t lose what they’ve got.

  2. This is sad. I wouldn’t mind it if it’s going to be a temporary thing, like the Nightmare Before Christmas makeover they perform on the Haunted Mansion over the holidays. That’s fine. Take Captain Jack away after a year or so. Then put the figures in a new Park History building- hey, why not? I’d love to see such a building in the park. Make it an eatery/coffee shop too. Sit in a lovely room, enjoying a cappucino in the company of an original Tea Cup ride car, alongside an early ghost from the Mansion.

    Huh! Even though that thought just popped into my head, it’s still a pretty good idea. Huh!

  3. So sad —-however comma will any of the original parts be available for sale —then it would not only be in our hearts forever but also in our house!!!!

  4. So sad —-however comma will any of the original parts be available for sale —then it would not only be in our hearts forever but also in our house!!!!

  5. phil ghilarducci

    Does anybody know if this makeover is going to go through past june? I’m set to go the first weekend in june. That would really suck if I had to miss that ride because of this, I thought the ride was perfect as is. Ya it might look good with the new characters but I’d rather just have it open. This is my girlfriends bday gift. Sucks big time.

  6. I know someone that worked on the ride remodel /a.k.a. an imagineer, he showed me some pictures of the ride before and after and the ride is in much better condition now. the ride is much safer and also the parts to the ride are nicer. before the remodel, all of the skeletons were real and they got rid of them and had a burial. the ride is now operating and i ahve seen it myself. i was able to suggest some problems to my friend and they are being fixed at this moment.

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