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An Incredible Message?

The story’s inciting incident is a flurry of short-sighted, foolish lawsuits against the much-needed superheroes for unintended property damage and unwanted saves, among others. John Edwards may well laugh along with the rest of the audience during this part of the movie, but perhaps he and his former colleagues on the bar should think about… Read More »An Incredible Message?

A Stitch in Time?

Joe Lane, over at Themepark Insider, reviews Disney World’s newest attraction and writes about the less than big splash it’s making. Stitch’s Great Escape is an updating of the original Mission to the Moon attractin in WDW’s Tommorowland. It became Mission to Mars, then Alien Encounter (Disney’s first PG-13 rated attraction), and has recently been… Read More »A Stitch in Time?

Incredible Anti-Affirmative Action?

Writing for Slate magazine, David Edelstein tracks the fallout from his earlier review of The Incredibles. Read past the review of the Nicole Kidman ghost film ‘Birth’ (Has she become typecast?) and get to the debate over the meaning of The Incredibles and how it reflects the situation in America’s Classrooms today as ‘Leave No… Read More »Incredible Anti-Affirmative Action?

Luxo fun!

Luxo blog, The Pixar Animation blog extra-ordinaire, features a new look and a link to this great MTV story on Brad Bird and The Incredibles. "Director Brad Bird is an anomaly in animation, a visionary with a retro sensibility and a stark aversion to the kind of safe, formulaic product that’s dominated the medium in… Read More »Luxo fun!

Disneyland Korea?

Apparently The Walt Disney Company feels the Asia market is vastly untapped. Talks have been under way to build a new Disney Themepark in South Korea. With a park in Hong Kong under construction, Two parks in Tokyo, and talks about a park near Shanghai, Disney looks to make their themeparks as ubiquitous as the… Read More »Disneyland Korea?

Union Vote this week at WDW

The Union Members representing over 20,000 workers at the Orlando Florida Disney property will vote this thursday on their next contract. Four of the six unions have recommended this contract to their members. The two remaining unions are urging their members to vote no and want a contract where Disney makes up the difference in… Read More »Union Vote this week at WDW

NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?

The NFL has arrived at a giant of a deal for the next 5 years of TV rights for NFL football. This deal is bigger than the MLB, NBA, and NASCAR combined. One little problem, ABC and ESPN have yet to deal with the NFL. The Sunday night and Monday night deal has been sweetened… Read More »NFL Broadcast Deal, Where’s ABC/ESPN?