Oswald the Rabbit returns home

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Everyone has heard the story of how Walt Disney invented his famous mouse pal Mickey while returning to Los Angeles on a train from New York. What most people forget is that Walt had just had his first creation ripped from his hands and he vowed never to lose the rights to another character he created. The character he lost – Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. (more on the history of Mickey and Oswald).

Well thanks to the negotiations over transferring Football Commentator Al Michael to NBC, Disney has obtained the rights to Oswald. He’s back where he belongs. This brings up all sorts of possibilities, like a Mickey and Oswald reunion cartoon. But I’d settle for a nicely produced DVD or two.

Now what would really be amazing is if Disney CEO Robert Iger would announce that all future profits from Oswald would go to a good cause, like children with life-threatening diseases, or a children’s hospital, much like the money from Peter Pan is supposed to support. What do you say Bob? Give Oswald The Lucky Rabbit a good home and the love and care he deserves, while helping out children who might not live to see the next Disney cartoon.

(Thanks Chad!)

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