Talks for Shanghai Disney Park Official

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Disney CEO Robert Iger recently confirmed that there have been ongoing talks to build a Disney Theme Park in Shanghai. If talks are successful construction will likely start in 2008. It is thought that any Shanghai park would not be in the ‘Magic Kingdom’ vein (Disneyland, CA being the original Magic Kingdom). If so, it would be the first Disney Resort to not be started with a ‘Magic Kingdom’ park as an anchor.

Of course there is still the chance that Disney is holding the threat of another Chinese Disney Park over the heads of Hong Kong officials. They played this same ploy on Anaheim with Westcot vs Disney’s America.

Speaking of Hong Kong Disneyland, repercussions of the overcrowding and closed gates during the Chinese New Year holiday are still being felt.

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2 thoughts on “Talks for Shanghai Disney Park Official”

  1. Considering how American companies like Microsoft and Google are kow towing to the Communist Chinese government, Disney may wish to do the same.

    Imagine the field day the imagineers could have with the Chairman Mao Great Leap Forward ride. Or the Gang of 4 theater, or perhaps the Carosel of Communism. The Haunted Mansion of deceased capitalism, or the mighty Long March rocket ride.

  2. To construct a Disney Theme Park in Shanghai, does anybody think this is a good idea? Who likes Miscrosoft, and who likes Google? As a matter of fact, few Chinese like these two companies. Though some Chinese children like Mickymouse, their parents do not. If the theme park were to be constructed, large land would have to be occupied by the park, which means a lot of houses belongs to the poor men would have to be pulled down, and where would these men be driven off?

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