Wil Wheaton’s Disneyland Day

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Famous Internet Geek Wil Wheaton scored some free tickets to The Disneyland Resort and wrote up a funny and touching report:

You know what would be so cool? If Disney redesigned Tomorrowland to
look and feel very similar to the way it did in 1955. Bring back the
people movers, and move the rockets back up to the top of the people
mover loading platform. Get rid of that stupid Innoventions atrocity,
and put Inner Space back in its place. The idea is that our world is
dangerous and uncertain, and looks to stay that way for a long time, so
why not give people a place where they can enjoy the safety of 1950s
nostalgia, and a "future" world that’s ultra modern? I bet it’d be a
big success.

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