On Being Lost

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I know it’s a little late to be commenting on last week’s ‘Lost’ episode Fire Plus Water. But I just read Seth’s take on the episode over at Mostly Muppet and thought he made a few important points I wasn’t reading elsewhere.

So this week’s episode of Lost, Fire Plus Water, is all about birth and
rebirth. Baptisms. Literal Christian baptisms of two children (Aaron
and Megan), but also baptisms of fire, literally and figuratively.

Seth pegs that and I think he’s also dead on about who was saved and who was lost in this episode.

In fact, if this is the direction the show is going, ‘The Saved vs The Lost’, I predict great things from future episodes. A lot of conflict was pre-saged here and I hope the writers deliver on their promises.

Btw, for those of you who don’t listen to the Official Podcast, the show creators also promised to answer all the questions about what happened to Walt and where he is this season. So that bodes well for the remaining episodes.

The first season we had the quest to be rescued as a driving force behind the show. This season the driving force has yet to reveal itself. I hope it does soon.

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