Disney-Pixar a fairytale review

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Wanted to point out this great story on the Disney-Pixar deal at Animation Insider. It’s a great review of exactly what happened and what the prospects are.

Steve Jobs, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pixar Animation Studios, has openly commented that being acquired by Disney was the best option available. Commenting: "As we approached the end of our relationship with Disney and looked at our future, we sort of saw a fork in the road where we were headed for a Lucasfilm type distribution agreement on one side, or as Bob and I decided to talk moreโ€ฆ joining in with Disney." Disney’s intense level of faith must indeed be a long-term investment, otherwise, should Cars (2006) and/or Ratatouille (2007) not perform as anticipated, those in the animation industry may just wonder if Pixar is actually worth $7.4 billion (or if keeping another Board seat warm is worth $3.5 billion).

As the story goes, many aspects of this deal are as if from a fairytale. Of course, not all stock holders are happy with that as seen in this thread at a forum devoted to Pixar.

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  1. I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the Disney/Pixar deal. On the one hand, Disney guarantees Pixar that their films will always have a distributor. On the other hand, I do hate to see Pixar lose their independence. I suppose right now we just have to sit and watch for future developments. I suppose the important thing is that Pixar continues to put out the quality pictures that they have.

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