Some Animation Inspiration via the A-HAA Blog

KayneilsenpolarIf you’re a student or a fan of animation and you’re not reading the A-HAA Blog (AFISA Hollywood Animation Archives Blog) you’re missing out on some amazing stuff.

One recent post featured some illustrations from under appreciated Disney animation designer Gustaf Tenggren (Snow White, Pinnochio) that wisk you away to a fantasy world at just a glance.

The work from Kay Nielsen, featured above, is just mindblowing in its beauty. Nielsen worked at the Disney Studios on Fantasia and other projects.   

To top it off Curator Stephen Worth says: "The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive is at the disposal of artists, so if there are specific things that would help you in your work, let me know by emailing me and if we have any material that fits your needs, I will prioritize digitizing it."

You can’t beat that offer. Thanks for your hard work.

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