Lost News to use

Wow did you see that episode Wednesday night? Wasn’t that scene with ‘the monster’ and Mr. Eko amazing? I think we can now safely say that LOST is science fiction, not science fact. Whatever the security system or monster is, it’s not mechanical. Mechanical creations don’t move that way. Whether we were seeing what Mr. Eko saw in the ‘black cloud’ or seeing things from the cloud’s point of view, there is definitely something paranormal going on here.

That’s a different track for LOST to take. If I remember correctly the creators were on record stating that there was nothing supernatural in the show, nothing that couldn’t be explained by science. But, as the ‘hidden’ memos that appear on some of the official LOST ARG sites indicate (mostly TheHansoFoundation.org), Longevity, Nanotechnology, and Remote Viewing are all included in their view of science. So I think we have to start using that term fairly loosely now.

While this new view does eliminate some of the grand theories fans have been coming up with, it opens the door for many many more. Let’s hope for some more interesting reveals in the coming episodes so we can develop our theories further. I’m still formulating my grand theory, but would love to hear any of yours via email or in the comments.

Meanwhile… in off the screen LOST news, actors Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez both had additional court appearances this week in regards to their DUI charges. But as expected their strategies diverged. Watros pled guilty and will pay a fine and lose her license for 90 days. Rodriquez, on the other hand, is fighting her charge as it will be counted as a second offense and could result in her being violated back to California for possible jail time regarding parole violations.

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