Drawn is a new(ish) collabrative blog devoted to artists, illustrators, cartooning, and providing inspiration for those involved in the field. It also reads like a who's who of up and coming talent and a roll call for some of the masters. Ward, of the must read ward-o-matic, posted a story about Al Eugster. Eugster was
No, it's not the latest attraction dreamed up by Disney Imagineers. Businesses like this have been in existance for many years, most notably just off the strip in Las Vegas, NV. A company called Sky Venture has just opened an indoor skydiving experience in Orlando (and are rumored to be considering somewhere near Anaheim as
It is not the same land as I remember from long ago, no; “you can’t go home again", as they say.  But it is once again turning into a land of hope, exuding a spirit of optimism; not the same as it once was, but different.Mellie over at the excellent Golly Blog Howdy has a
I'm back. Did you miss me? We took a few days longer getting across country than I had planned. Then to top it all off some of our house had to be loaded on a second truck and that truck was delayed by bad weather. But now my computer's various parts are all assembled together