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Pixar Shorts and MoMA exhibit

PodGuide.Tv has a review of the short animated films from Pixar that are available for purchase on the iTunes Music Store (and some that aren’t). If you’re in New York City you might want make a stop at MoMA for an exhibit on Pixar Animation.  More details at the MoMa site. The exhibit starts December… Read More »Pixar Shorts and MoMA exhibit

Haunted Mansion Paper Model: How its done

Ray Keim is at it again. He has build amazing 3-D renderings of the Disney World Haunted Mansion and then rendered that into the real world with a paper model. He’s made paper models of the crypts that surround the outside of the WDW Haunted Mansion. Now he’s working on Disneyland’s New Orleans Square version.… Read More »Haunted Mansion Paper Model: How its done

Pixar develops rivals

Two northern California animation studios are looking to make moves on Pixar in their own backyard. Wild Brain and The Orphanage have each started feature animation divisions with the goal to get a dog in the growing game of computer animated films. I’m especially looking forward to what Genndy Tartakovsky (Samuri Jack, The Clone Wars)… Read More »Pixar develops rivals

Two LOST stars busted for DUIs

E! Online is reporting that two stars of the hit TV show LOST were busted for driving under the influence in two separate incidents. Michelle Rodriquez, who plays tail-ender Ana-Lucia, and Cynthia Watros, who plays tailie Libby, were arrested and booked early Thursday morning. A conviction would mean a suspended license for the two, so… Read More »Two LOST stars busted for DUIs

Disney settles in 03′ Disneyland death

Disney has settled with the family of the man who died in an accident on Big Thunder Railroad at Disneyland in 2003. As part of the settlement Disney has made a public acknowledgement that they were at fault for faulty maintenance of the attraction. Terms of the settlement were confidential. But Torres’ family said it… Read More »Disney settles in 03′ Disneyland death

What should Eisner Do?

The LA Times has a piece on what Michael Eisner, the ex-head of Walt Disney, is doing in his retirement. Mostly kicking around ideas for other business ventures or studios, it seems. Eisner has said publicly that he plans to stick to what he knows best: "the nitty gritty of the creative process." Golf holds… Read More »What should Eisner Do?

Kim Possible Saved!

Well kids, looks like you did it. Kim Possible, a Disney Channel animated series, has been renewed for a fourth season. Websites like the Save Kim Possible site led the fan based campaign to have the show renewed. This is great news for a show that purports to teach kids they can do anything they… Read More »Kim Possible Saved!

G-force study on Orlando Attractions

A local TV station in Orlando has done a study on exactly how many G-forces one experiences on some of the more popular and extreme roller coasters and other attractions in the Central Florida Attraction Zone. The report found that ‘The Hulk’ Roller Coaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park had not only highest… Read More »G-force study on Orlando Attractions