IAAPA, International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction, is in town having their convention this week and I'm looking forward to attending a few sessions and walking the convention hall. For several years now, everything from zoos to museums has taken up the tools forged by Walt Disney, whose original Disneyland transformed the amusement park
A new attraction has just opened at Epcot. Turtle Talk with Crush is part of the continuing Finding Nemo overlay of the Living Seas Pavillion. The new attraction is an interactive show with Crush, the dad turtle from Finding Nemo, where guests are encouraged to ask questions and Crush imparts some of his philosophy of
A lawsuit claiming Disney stole the idea for EPCOT from a painting was dismissed today. The painting and eventual construction of EPCOT were similar. But burden of proof is high in these cases and the judge said the Waters family hadn't event met the basic level needed.
A Seattle area family is the most recent recipient of Disney's Largess. Burned by a fire that leveled their house, then burned by their insurance agent, the Dore familly have been living in a storage shed without electricity or plumbing. Then the neighbors nominated the family to the ABC television show. A Walt Disney World
In a deal it hopes will produce a trove of new properties to exploit across various media, Walt Disney Co. has bought the assets of CrossGen Entertainment, a comic book publisher whose fantasy and sci-fi titles include "Abadazad," "Mystic" and "Route 666." This is another sign of Disney coming to accept the shift in reading