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New Elephant Baby at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The cuteness factor has just been raised by a factor over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Momma elephant Donna suffered through a rough 16-minute labor and gave birth to a dainty young girl weighing in at just 233 pounds. The birth is the third elephant calf to be born at the park in as many years.… Read More »New Elephant Baby at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney Treasures DVDs

Four new Disney Treasures DVDs packed full of rarities have been released from Disney’s vaults. I’ve added links to each DVD in the left column. But I wanted to highlight what is probably the best of the bunch here.

Walt Disney Treasures – Disney Rarities – Celebrated Shorts, 1920s – 1960s contains a wealth of early Disney animated shorts, including the rare Alice in Wonderland live action/animation mix series, that Disney fans will rejoice to see.

One of the true joys on this DVD is the Mary Blair art directed The Little House (of late paid homage to in a MasterCard commercial). That so wonderfully animates a little house that is faced with changing times.

A full content listing is below the cut.

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Disney Animation Treasure Found

Time to go search the attic again. Another cache of Disney treasure has appeared, this time in Japan. About 250 pieces, including animation from Disney’s first colour short – 1932’s Flowers and Trees – were found at Chiba University, near Tokyo. Original sketches, celluloid and background pictures from films such as Sleeping Beauty, Bambi, Fantasia… Read More »Disney Animation Treasure Found

Animation Roundup

Have a couple Animation oriented stories tonight so I’m just slotting them all together in one post. Hope you don’t mind. First Animated News has just posted an amazing interview with ex-Disney animator, and current animation director for hire, Eric Goldberg. Goldberg is best known for his animation of the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin. In… Read More »Animation Roundup

Disney. The Root of all Evil

I don’t really know why Disney is the company that always gets attacked for the business practices of Hollywood. But it is. I tend to think it’s a chicken and egg issue. The consumer sets this system up by not requiring more from the companies we entrust with the entertainment and education of our children*.… Read More »Disney. The Root of all Evil

From the Archives: US Steel builds the Contemporary

The Internet Archive is hosting this video from circa 1971/72 that shows the US Steel propaganda effort in conjunction with their construction of the Contempoary Hotel at Walt Disney World. Look for the great furniture in the ‘drawer like’ rooms and the costume the hotel hostess is wearing. Pure polyester heaven. The video also starts… Read More »From the Archives: US Steel builds the Contemporary

Disneyland Paris, Scrooge’s Cast Member Christmas Bonuses

Year-end bonuses of around $120 for hourly staff at the Paris Disneyland theme parks are being cancelled this year as the company continues experiencing hard times. Of course Managers get their bonuses as they are included in their contracts. As you might expect the rank and file are none too happy about this.