Animal Kingdom’s rosy future???

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Lee MacDonald, Editor of Tales from the Laughing Place a Disney magazine, has a new column at The first topic he addresses is a big one — the future of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Expedition Everest is expected to help propel DAK into the realm of a full-day adventure park. IMHO, it has always been a full day park, but only if you were willing to stop and smell the roses and take in all the extra-ordinary detail and showmanship that went into the park. Everest continues that showmanship, but with the element of Adventure mixed in.

There is no doubt that Everest is a return to WDI’s E-ticket-laden past. A thrilling coaster attraction entwined with a rich fabric Disney of storytelling that dominates the landscape…. This ride is the most eagerly anticipated since Tower of Terror over a decade ago.

Lee also clues us in on the next attraction scheduled for the park, a Finding Nemo theatre experience with help from Broadway’s Avenue Q producers. Unfortunately this great attraction will be shoe-horned in to where the old Tarzan show used to be. I’d much rather have seen the theatre moved to a different area of the park where it could help anchor a brand new land for DAK – Australia, or possibly, The Open Seas (think Seaworld done Disney themed).

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  1. I don’t know. Even with the addition of Everest, I think they still need to add more to the park. I’ve never stayed at Animal Kingdom for more than 4 hours at most whereas I’ve stayed all day at all other parks. It’s probably everyone’s least favorite Disney park mainly because it doesn’t feel very Disney-ish. Throwing Mickey in Asia or Africa amongst animals doesn’t quite do it for me. The magic factor that is so wonderful about Disney is just not existent at Animal Kingdom.

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