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Scott Holleran of BoxOfficeMojo reports on his recent trip to see Lady and The Tramp at the El Capitan in Hollywood.

Disney’s 50th anniversary restoration premiere of Lady and the Tramp (on DVD Feb. 28) at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre was better than expected. At next door Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store, they served spaghetti and stocked the shelves with a plush cocker spaniel Lady and mutt Tramp linked by a thin strand of pasta, like the famous scene in the movie. Nobody integrates like Disney.

Scott also takes a look at the Bambi II DVD release and wants to know the answer to one question…

It’s not that Bambi II is awful—a positive theme depicts Bambi’s father, voiced by Patrick Stewart, teaching Bambi how to think for himself—and the DVD contains decent songs, features and extras. Not being atrocious isn’t saying much, and one can’t help wondering why Disney didn’t invest this money in something new and original instead.

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2 thoughts on “Box Office Tramp, Bambi does DVD”

  1. We purchased the Bambi II DVD on blind faith (in Patrick Stewart and the retro animation), and while I have yet to watch it I’m glad the reviews seem positive (relative to past direct to videos). I’ve been disgusted and very vocal about the lack of quality in previous sequels and prequels and whatever else Disney has tried to push on us, you would think that they (Disney) would not want their name associated with subpar movies- however lucrative their release.

  2. One of the reasons the 2d animation department is dead at the moment is that the production of sequels which are not up to the originals (how could they be?) tend to delute Disney 2d animation in general and undermine the original’s appeal and unique qualities. I am hoping that, as part of curing 2d animation at Disney, the new Pixar crew will eliminate sequels of the “Classics”.

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