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Record-Breaking Korean Drama Series “Moving” to Debut in Dubbed English on Hulu Dec. 13

Korean Drama Series Moving

First premiering in August 2023, sci-fi drama “Moving” rapidly became the most-viewed Korean original series on Hulu and Disney+ (internationally), and on Wednesday, December 13th, it will be available to watch on Hulu in the U.S. in a dubbed English format.

The Series

“Moving” tells the story of a group of South Korean special agents working to protect their super-powered children from harm and exploitation at the hands of malicious government agencies.

Initially recruited because of their extraordinary abilities to fly, instantly heal, and use their enhanced senses in the field, the agents disappeared without a trace after being tasked with carrying out increasingly dubious missions, to live normal lives.

But with their children now exhibiting similar abilities and a dangerous assassin rapidly picking off super-powered individuals, the parents must leave their peaceful lives behind to become the “monsters” they once were.

Korean Drama Series Moving

“Moving” is an adaptation of a popular webtoon created by the influential Korean artist Kang Full, and stars some of the biggest names in the Korean entertainment industry, including Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo, and Zo Insung in his long-awaited return to a drama series.

The series received six Asia Content Awards at the Busan International Film Festival, including the prestigious Best Creative Award, given in honor of content that has delivered the most notable achievements, as well as Best Visual Effects, Best Writer (Kang Full), Best Lead Actor (Ryu Seungryong), Best Newcomer Actor (Lee Jungha) and Best Newcomer Actress (Go Younjung).

“Moving” joins a rapidly expanding library of Korean content now available on Hulu. All 20 subtitled episodes of the series are currently available to stream on the platform if you can’t wait for the dubbed English versions.

The Trailer

Learn more about the agents and their powers, and why they have to return the job in this dubbed English trailer for the Korean series: