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Tokyo Disneyland to Host ‘Disney Pal-Palooza’ in 2024 Starting with ‘Minnie’s Funderland’ in January

Tokyo Disneyland to Host 'Disney Pal-Palooza' in 2024 Starting with 'Minnie’s Funderland'

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced that “Disney Pal-Palooza,” a series of new special events, will take place at Tokyo Disneyland Park, and the first event will be “Minnie’s Funderland,” which will take place January 10 through March 19 in 2024.

The Details

“Disney Pal-Palooza” is a new event series that is all about having a blast with your “pals” in the Park in a party-like, “palooza,” environment, says Tokyo Disney Resort.

With the first event, “Minnie’s Funderland,” guests and their friends are invited to enjoy Minnie Mouse’s fantasy-filled dream world, brimming with her favorite things, where the Park is transformed into a land of cuteness and fun.

It will feature a new parade, “Minnie @Funderland,” themed to the colorful and slightly fantastical world that comes straight from Minnie Mouse’s imagination.

Minnie and her friends will appear wearing costumes decorated with heart accessories and lovely dot patterns, riding on a glittering float with a large ribbon.

Minnie and her friends will also enliven the parade by clapping and shouting to energetic pop music, according to the press release.

Additionally, the Mickey Flower Bed in front of the Main Entrance will be transformed into a Minnie version, and decorations inspired by Minnie will adorn the Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle as well as select shops.

Minnie’s Funderland flowerbed
Minnie’s Funderland carpet

There will also be special Minnie merchandise and menus of themed culinary treats for guests during the event.

Minnie’s Funderland food

While centered in Tokyo Disneyland Park, Minnie’s cute and colorful world can be enjoyed all over Tokyo Disney Resort, with the Disney Ambassador Hotel offering guest rooms themed to “Minnie’s Funderland,” from Friday, January 19, 2024, to Sunday, April 7, 2024.

Minnie’s Funderland hotel room

Limited time day passes for the Disney Resort Line will also be available in special designs for the event.

Future Pal-Palooza Events

The second event in the “Disney Pal-Palooza” series will begin on April 9, 2024, but Tokyo Disney Resort hasn’t released the theming information for that.