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Walt Disney World Announces Opening Date for ‘TRON Lightcycle / Run’ at Magic Kingdom

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Well that was fast! It was only yesterday that Disney Parks was teasing an opening date for “TRON Lightcycle / Run” at Magic Kingdom, and Walt Disney just dropped an official date for the calendars.

Opening Date

The official opening date for the new “TRON Lightcycle / Run” presented by Enterprise at Magic Kingdom will be…April 4, 2023.

Before the attraction officially opens, there will be special cast member previews, along with preview opportunities for guests, including Annual Passholders and eligible Disney Vacation Club Members.

Once we get dates for the previews, we’ll post them.

So we were a little off on the dates in our guesses from the cryptic clues Disney Parks dropped last night, but we were close.

About the Attraction

The story of “TRON Lightcycle / Run” picks up after the movie “TRON: Legacy,” where Kevin’s son, Sam Flynn, has opened a second gateway into a digital realm called the Grid.

The first of these portals he created can be found at Shanghai Disneyland with the original “TRON Lightcycle Power Run” attraction.

When you enter the queue at the Magic Kingdom attraction, you’ll feel as if you’re digitized and transported to the Grid for a special Lightcycle race.

It’s your Team Blue against the Grid’s menacing Programs, Team Orange. Your goal is to be the first to race through eight Energy Gates and secure victory.

The attraction will be one of the fastest coasters at any Disney theme park in the world.

Get a quick sneak peek with the “Good Morning America” weekend anchors before you ride at this post.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

One Last Game

Just prior to officially announcing the opening date, Disney dropped one last video clue featuring a text emoji lightcycle with the words “Play again?” above a video of the Lightcycle segment of a vintage “TRON” arcade game.

Take a look:

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Are you looking forward to experiencing this new attraction? If Sam Flynn opens a third portal, where do you want him to go? Let us know in the comments!