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Disney Parks Drops Possible Cryptic Clues to the Opening Date for ‘TRON Lightcycle Run’ at Magic Kingdom

TRON Lightcycle/Run

Late on January 9, Disney Parks posted a cryptic video of the scoreboard on a vintage arcade game, in the style of the original “TRON” game, which seems to be a clue to the opening date of “TRON Lightcycle Run” at Magic Kingdom, which has been rumored to be announced this week.

The Message

Here is the message that was posted by Disney Parks, with what looks like a lightcycle text emoji and the words “Need a Clu?”

The Guesses

So far the Disney hive mind on Twitter has come up with the following answers for the high score numbers given:

  1. BI 14,007,645 – The record high score on the Tron arcade game, set July 2011 by David Cruz. No idea what the “BI” stands for in relation to that.
  2. US 13,212,023 – Many think this is the opening date for “TRON Lightcycle Run”: 4/21/2023 made by adding the first two numbers (1+3=4)
  3. TL 12,172,010 – The film “Tron: Legacy” premiered on 12/17/2010
  4. JB 12,041,949 – “Tron” star Jeff Bridges was born on 12/04/1949
  5. MK 10,011,971 – Magic Kingdom opening day is 10/01/1971
  6. DL 07,171,955 – Disneyland opening day is 07/17/1955
  7. KF 07,091,982 – “Tron” premiere was 07/09/1982 and “KF” refers to Bridges’ character of Kevin Flynn
  8. LB 07,049,504 – ??
  9. SD 06,162,016 – Shanghai Disney, where the original “TRON Lightcycle Power Run” attraction is located, opened on 06/16/2016
  10. CM 04,482,023 – Possible Cast Member Preview of “TRON Lightcycle Run” April 4-8, 2023

Tron high score

Number 8 seems to be the one that is stumping everyone, as it doesn’t translate to a date. The “LB” in front could be a reference to the “Tron” character of Dr. Lora Baines, a programmer and scientist who wrote Yori and helped build ENCOM’s digitizing laser in “TRON.” But then what does “07,049,504” mean?

Do you have any guesses? Let us know in the comments. And when we hear of an actual opening date for “TRON Lightcycle Run” at Magic Kingdom, we will let you know.

In the meantime, you can check out the special video sneak peek by “Good Morning America” for more on the attraction.

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