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Get into the Holiday Spirit with Disney fan’s Fantasmic! 2.0 Themed Light Show

It’s that time of year again, and Rick Car from El Paso, Texas has brought us a brand new Christmas light show to enjoy. Titled “Rae of Light,” this year’s show is themed after Fantasmic! 2.0 and features the latest in projection mapping technology.

With approximately 3,000 RGB pixels and 5 moving head spotlights above the garage, this year’s show is almost 14 minutes long. Rick put in 5-6 hours of work programming the lights to synchronize with the music, and it shows in the final product.

In the past, Rick has used a projector to create images on the garage screen, but this year he added an additional projector using projection mapping to give the show more depth and bring Fantasmic! to life.

Rick says he is motivated to create this light show year after year by the joy it brings to guests and the excitement of the kids when they see Mickey perform his tricks. The show is named after Rick’s 4 year old daughter, and he says as long as there is imagination left in the world, the Rae of Light Christmas Light Show will never be complete.

So far, vehicle traffic to the show has been modest, but Rick expects crowd sizes to increase as Christmas approaches. But no need to drive over yourself, Rick has shared his magical show online for everyone to enjoy.

Congratulations to Rick who created yet another amazing show on his house, but who also welcomed a new born daughter to his family this holiday season!

Previously: Longtime readers of The Disney Blog will recall that Rick has created a number of magical light shows over the years. These include a Haunted Mansion Halloween Light Show, A Disneyland Forever show, and a Happily Ever After Christmas Light Show.