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Disney fan makes Haunted Mansion themed Halloween Light Show on Home

For the last few years Disney fan Rick Car has decorated his El Paso, Texas house with programmable Christmas lights that he set to Disney music. This year Car took his Christmas light show set up and gave it a Haunted Mansion overlay for a Halloween twists.

Keep an eye open for your favorite Haunted Mansion characters in this video:

The projector is a nice touch, even if it does go a bit off script a few times.

“The initial setup took about two months which I did last year for my Fantasmic! Show. This year was more plug and play so it really took about two weeks to set it up. What takes long is sequencing the lights with the music. Perhaps 1 hour for every 30-60 seconds of music,” said Car about the process.

“For this show I had roughly 500 total pixels (lights) since I had no Christmas mega tree,” continued Car. “For Christmas I will be putting up a ten foot tree that will contain 1200 pixels itself along with other display elements so my total number of lights will be higher.”

Car says, “I have always been a fan of all things Disneyland and since Haunted Mansion just celebrated its 50th anniversary I figured I would show my appreciation of a classic attraction this way. Plus I wanted to give my hometown of El Paso, TX something new to enjoy this Halloween and spread some of the joy I feel when I enter the stretching room and have to find a way out!”

We feel the joy of the stretching room too, but don’t go as far as Car to show our appreciation of it for sure.

If you want a taste of what Car does for Christmas, here’s a show set to “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen from Christmas 2018.

Thanks to Rick for sharing his creation with us. If you decorate your house in Disney fashion for Halloween or Christmas, be sure to send us a message so we can feature it here.

We hope everyone has a safe and sane Halloween.