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Disney Fan makes Happily Ever After Christmas Light Show

Rick Car, whose residential home Haunted Mansion themed Halloween Light Show we highlighted in October is back with a new Christmas themed show for 2019 – the Happily Ever After Christmas Light Show, inspired by the Magic Kingdom fireworks spectacular.

Rick lives in El Paso, Texas, but if you can’t see it in person, you can watch it here:

Rich does a lot with just 50,000 lights and a digital projector. I’ve definitely seem most extensive christmas light shows, but this one feels very Disney too.

According to Rick it takes two full weeks to create this who with 70 hours of work to sequence the lights taking up the majority of the time. Of course it helped that the lights were already up from the Halloween show.

“I want people to feel the sense of amazement and wonder that I felt as a kid when watching Disney shows” said Car. “The feeling that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. That dreams do come true. In short: the magic of Disney. That is the feeling I want to share with viewers and, especially, my daughter Susie.”

Thanks for sharing your magical Disney Christmas Lightshow with us Rick. Here’s wishing on a dream to you!

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