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Disney+ Ad-Supported Tier Starts December 8 in the U.S.


Starting tomorrow, December 8, Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. will have a new ad-supported subscription option to choose from, and we have the details.

The Details

It was first announced this spring that Disney+ would soon have a new ad-supported subscription tier with a lower price.

In August, it was announced that the cost for the new “Disney+ Basic” (with ads) would be $7.99 per month with no annual price offering.

The current, and only, plan with no ads would jump from $7.99 a month or $79.99/year to $10.99 a month or $109.99 annually.

So, technically, Disney+ Basic is not a cheaper option, it just replaces the current plan, which now has a higher cost.

And of course there are various other Disney Bundle prices with Hulu and ESPN+.

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said there will be “no ads in kids profiles” at launch, but gave no time frame for that launch window.

What Will You Choose?

Starting tomorrow, the choice for Disney+ subscribers will be to either keep the current ad-free plan but at a higher price, or to keep the current price by opting for the Disney+ Basic version with ads.

According to UK data analytics firm Kantar, which conducted an online survey of streaming subscribers in the U.S. in September 2022, about 23% of current subscribers will opt for the less expensive Disney+ Basic plan.

Will you be among that 23% who will be switching plans? Or will you pay the $3 more per month to stay ad-free? Let us know in the comments.