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Ryan Reynolds Gets Hugh Jackman to Return as Wolverine in ‘Deadpool 3’ Out September 2024

Deadpool 3 announcement

Ryan Reynolds has shocked the internet by not only dropping a video revealing a release date for “Deadpool 3,” but it turns out he’s convinced Hugh Jackman to return to the Marvel fold as Wolverine, as well.

How did Kevin Feige not make this huge Marvel double reveal at this month’s D23 Expo?? According to Reynolds, he missed it because they’ve been working really hard on the film.

The Release Date

Reynolds revealed the release date for “Deadpool 3” will be September 6, 2024.

This is the slot that opened up in the last shuffle of Disney-related movie release dates, and will end the Summer of 2024 with huge box office numbers.

It will also situate the film on the Marvel release schedule between the “Thunderbolts” (July 26, 2024) and the new reboot of “Fantastic Four” (November 8, 2024), in a year that also includes “Captain America: New World Order” (May 3, 2024).

Deadpool 3 logo

Hugh’s Back!

In the video announcement, actor Hugh Jackman surprisingly walks by in the background.

“Hey Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time?” Reynolds casually asks him.

“Yeah, sure, Ryan,” Jackman replies as he walks up the stairs.

Deadpool 3 announcement

The two have been good friends since Reynolds first appeared as Wade Wilson (Deadpool) in the 2009 Fox/Marvel movie “X-Men: Origins: Wolverine” — which, of course, starred Hugh Jackman.

The question is how will they have the character in this film since the character of Logan (aka Wolverine)…


(if you haven’t seen the film “Logan,” go watch it on Disney+, then come back to this post)


…dies at the end of the “Logan” movie. Granted the MCU has been deep into the Multiverse, with Feige even coining the upcoming MCU Phases as the “Multiverse Saga,” so that could be one way.

It’s also possible “Deadpool 3” takes place before “Logan.” And it’s entirely possible the events of “Logan” may not be canon in the MCU, though not likely. It could also be just a cameo in a Deadpool dream or flashback.

What are your thought on how Wolverine appears in “Deadpool 3”?

‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’

One thing is for sure, this will not only mark Deadpool and Wolverine‘s first appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also the long-awaited Marvel X-Men mutants entry in the MCU (though there have been little hints and teases of it here and there).

Speaking of teases, did you notice the three Wolverine slashes on the Deadpool logo above?

The Video Announcements

Both announcements were made by Reynolds in his typical deadpan humor, including the Jackman announcement being a blink and you’ll miss it moment.

Fans of Reynolds will also notice a casual product placement of Aviation Gin, which he owns. I’m actually surprised nobody made a Mint phone call.

Take a look:

What do you think? Are you excited about a new Deadpool movie? Are you excited about seeing Jackman as Wolverine again? Let us know in the comments.

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