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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Explain That Huge Question About “Deadpool 3”

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

It seems the big announcement Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman made about “Deadpool 3” caused one huge question to be asked about Wolverine being in the movie, and the two sat down for another video to answer it.

The Big Question

That big question…one I even asked…was how could Wolverine appear in “Deadpool 3,” given what happened to him at the end of 2017’s “Logan” film.

Their answer? Because “Logan” takes place in 2029, so “Deadpool 3” takes place before the events of “Logan.”

That was actually one of my guesses, and it makes sense.

Of course, during the explanation, the duo start getting carried away, and almost release plot details. Wham! to the rescue, though…literally.

Take a look (beware though…some of the dialogue is definitely NSFW):

The Long Joke

Now as I watched the original announcement video a few times, it occurred to me that Jackman’s return as Wolverine was actually foreshadowed at the very end of “Deadpool 2” where Deadpool is given a working time machine.

When he encounters Wolverine again in his past, he says: “Look, eventually you’re going to hang up the claws…and it’s gonna make a lot of people very sad. But one day, your old pal Wade’s gonna ask you to get back in the saddle again. And when he does, say yes.”

Here’s the end credits clip (again some NSFW material, including violence and blood):

And here’s the announcement clip where Reynolds (aka Wade Wilson/Deadpool) asks Jackman (aka Logan/Wolverine) to play the character again:

May I remind everyone that “Deadpool 2” came out in 2018, and “Logan” came out the year before? These two have been playing such a long con setting up “Deadpool 3,” it’s just genius.

If you need to catch up, both movies are available on Disney+.

So far the only other thing we know about the film is it will be directed by Shawn Levy, who also helmed Reynolds’ films, “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project.”

Are you excited to see “Deadpool 3” after seeing these videos? Let us know in the comments.

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