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Disneyland App Now Has Mobile Cast Compliment Feature

Mobile Cast Compliment

One of the best ways to spread magic with cast members is by giving cast compliments, and now Disneyland has made that easier by adding a mobile cast compliment feature in the Disneyland app.

How to Use the Feature

To access the mobile Cast Compliment feature, search “cast compliment” in the Disneyland app.

Once the page is loaded in the app, Guests will be able to choose a positive sentiment from a drop-down menu. From there, they can enter the cast member’s first name and hometown (which can be found on each cast member’s name tag), and the date of their interaction.

The recognized cast member will be alerted, along with their leader, and they can receive the compliment and recognition for helping to make a great moment happen.

If you didn’t catch a name, that’s OK; you can still share a compliment about the location or area where your magic happened!

Of course cast members still welcome all of the emails and social media posts sharing specific stories and magical moments made possible by cast members.

This just allows for quick sharing of a positive experience.

Mobile Cast Compliment

Compliments at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World launched its mobile cast compliment service during The World’s Most Magical Celebration in October 2021.

The feature, which can be found in the “My Disney Experience” app, has already garnered over 360,000 recognitions.

That’s a lot of pixie dust being sent to cast members, and it’s very much appreciated!

Mobile Cast Compliment