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New Cast Compliment Feature Update on Walt Disney World App

Mobile Cast Compliment

Walt Disney World has announced it has added new features to the Mobile Cast Compliment feature in the My Disney Experience mobile app.

Launched last October, when the 50th Anniversary celebration started, the Mobile Cast Compliment feature allows guest to recognize outstanding cast members right from their phone.

It’s the latest way for guests to share thanks to the cast members who created magical memories for them, in addition to the many letters and emails over the years.

Mobile Cast Compliment

But now, the Mobile Cast Compliment feature allows guests to compliment individual cast members by their first name and hometown.

After guests choose a positive sentiment from a drop-down menu, they can enter the cast member’s first name, hometown and date of interaction.

Mobile Cast Compliment

Please make sure to spell the cast member’s first name and hometown correctly so the cast member will be alerted, along with their leader, and they can receive their personalized recognition.

And if you didn’t catch a name, you can still share a compliment about the location or area where your magic happened.

To access Mobile Cast Compliment, search “Cast Compliment” in the My Disney Experience mobile app.

I think this is a great update to the app, and it’s important to recognize the cast members when they do create magical moments and memories.

Here’s the video Disney Parks put together to explain the new feature: