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Disney Parks Hosts ‘Hocus Pocus’ Twitter Watch Party Today as Part of ‘Halfway to Halloween’ Celebration

'Hocus Pocus' Twitter Watch Party

As part of the Disney Parks “Halfway to Halloween” celebration, they will be hosting a special “Hocus Pocus” Twitter Watch Party today, Wednesday, April 27.

Fire up Twitter at 5pm PT/8p ET and get ready to push play on the movie at Disney+ when they say at @DisneyParks. Then tweet along your thoughts and comments at #HocusPocusWatchParty.

I’ve even heard Doug Jones (William “Billy” Butcherson) will be Tweeting along!

Here’s the official invitation:

As someone who hosts and participates in a lot of Twitter watch parties, my pro tip is to click on the #HocusPocusWatchParty link. This will open a Twitter window that looks like this:

'Hocus Pocus' Twitter Watch Party

Click on “latest” and you’ll be able to Tweet and respond to others in real time. You may have to keep refreshing the browser page to get new Tweets to load, but it makes the watch party more fun when you can talk to each other.

Hocus Pocus 2

What’s going to be extra fun about this party is that not only is it “Halfway to Halloween,” but it’s also about halfway to the debut of “Hocus Pocus 2” on Disney+ this October!

Be sure to follow our “Hocus Pocus 2” coverage, and hopefully I’ll see you all later tonight for the original movie watch party. I’ll be tweeting from my own account, @zengrrl, so feel free to say “Hi!”