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Cinderella Castle moat drained and stage removed in preparation for 50th Anniversary Bling

Walt Disney World recently announced a few early details for its 50th Anniversary Celebration. Among them was a plan to upgrade Cinderella Castle with sparkly new decorations for the big Five-Oh.

The castle also recently completed a new paint job with more gold and pink, but that will serve as a base for the new “EARidescent” decorations.

In addition to a giant 50th logo, the castle spires will get additional golden decorations, there will be festive banners, and at night the castle will sparkle with new earidescent projections.

Castle moat draining

To make the changes, Disney has had to drain the moat around the castle again. They’ve also begun to work on upgrades for the castle forecourt stage.

We took these photos about a week ago, workers have since finished draining the moat and stripped the floor from the top of the stage.

It’s unknown how extensive the upgrades will be, but since we took these photos, the stage floor has been removed revealing supports and conduit used for some of the special effects and lighting.

The most recent stage show on the stage was “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire.” It’s now expected a new show will be announced as part of the 50th anniversary celebration.

Read about the offerings Disney has announced for the Walt Disney World 50th celebration so far. We expect more big news to be made in the coming weeks.

The celebration starts October 1, 2021, so we hope work goes fast and there are no obstacles to get everything ready.

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