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Sneak Peek! Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway first scenes revealed

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway promises to be the capstone on string of recent changes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that is part of a re-branding from seeing how movies are made to being immersed in the world of the movie itself.

While Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge might get more hype in the press, Runaway Railway uses similar technology and Disney’s most beloved family animated characters in a groundbreaking new attraction.

The ride officially opens March 4, but cast member previews have been ongoing for a few days. Press will get their first look early next week with the official dedication happening on the evening of March 3.

Disney has provided us a first look inside the attraction. In this video we see two of the scenes revealed to us in concept art now fully operational inside the ride. Hot dog!

On Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway guests step inside the park’s recreation of the Chinese Theatre to attend the ‘world premiere’ of a new Mickey Mouse short. This being Disney, something goes wrong and guests are invited to step into the cartoon world and board the Runamuck Railroad.

In the world of Mickey’s cartoons, Mouse Rules Apply and anything can happen. Your journey on the railroad will take you through vibrant scenes and a variety of immersive experiences.

Even though this photo looks like an illustration, this is an actual on-ride photo. Disney’s Imagineers have done an incredible job recreating the world of a Mickey Mouse cartoon, that even the photos look like animation.

The attraction has its own new theme song and be sure to listen for the tri-toned train whistle, the sound of which was made with the original whistle used for Mickey Mouse’s first animated short released to theaters — “Steamboat Willie.”

“From the early days of making movies to today’s focus on engaging guests, putting them in the story, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has followed an amazing arc across three decades,” said Phil Holmes, vice president of the park. “I’m thrilled with its transformation and look forward to an exciting future. Given all the new attractions, our message to guests is clear: let your adventures begin at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.”

Oh boy! We can’t wait for our chance to be inside a Mickey Mouse cartoon short! We’re ‘plane crazy’ for this ride! How about you?

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  1. Since I can’t ride anything rough with neck problems….andI was told this might be a bit rough ride…I am unhappy that they took Great Movie Ride away for this…..

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