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Onward: More than Pixar’s Latest Film – Check out the Books!

If “yore” as excited as I am about Pixar’s “Onward” coming to the big screen next week, you’re going to be equally thrilled to hear about three fun companion books Disney Press has to offer.

Jokes, quests and one mighty adventurous search can now grace your bookshelf even before you join Ian and Barley at the movies on March 6. They are available now!

Onward: Ian and Barley’s Magical Book of Jokes, Puns and Gags summons all wise wizards and jovial jokers as readers take on over 100 magical puns, riddles and new-and-improved jokes inspired by the movie.

Onward: Quests of Yore is a must-have guidebook full of wondrous characters to meet, exciting landmarks to explore and powerful spells to learn. You’ll even get Ian and Barley’s handwritten doodles and notes too!

Onward: The Search for the Phoenix Gem: An In-Questigation tells the story of Sadalia Brushthorn. Sadalia is a teenage elf who aspires to be a journalist. Problem is, nothing newsworthy ever seems to happen in her town of New Mushroomton, so she’s not sure if she’ll ever get a chance to write a true investigative story. Until one day, something magical and mysterious happens at her school. All she knows is that Ian and Barley Lightfoot are at the center of it. How did the event happen? Why are Ian and Barley involved? What is the Phoenix Gem?  Here’s her chance to finally write a real story! Sadalia sets out on her own in-questigation to discover the truth about events that transformed not just her school, but the entire town.

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