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Hercules’ Muses as you’ve never seen them before

With the New York City Public Works Theater stage musical version of Disney’s Hercules having a bit of a moment right now, artist Michael Korte has taken the opportunity to do a gender reversal twist on the muses singing “The Gospel Truth.” Yes it’s all-male muses.

The brand new video features gospel singers: LaVance Colley, Tre ‘Rebel’ Edwards, Cameron Wright, Keenan D. Washington, and James Wright Chane.

We asked Korte what inspired him to take on a song from Hercules for his latest video.

“It’s a classic! It’s pure joy, it’s a story we all can relate to with music that is undeniably amazing,” exclaimed Korte. “It makes you happy- and we’re all in a place where we need a little bit of extra joy to share.”

No disagreement here.

We hope that Disney Theatrical Production gives the green light for the stage musical version of Hercules to move to Broadway or go on tour, in the meantime, we’ll just be watching Korte’s take on the Muses again.

We previously featured Michael Korte in his video featuring Queens Sing King from The Lion King.