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New Star Wars-Themed Hotel model and concept art

Star Wars Hotel StarCruiser Concept Art

Guests looking to extend their immersive Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will eventually be able to check in to an even more immersive boutique Star Wars-themed hotel for an one-of-a-kind galactic adventure.

No official opening day is set, but the hotel construction has ‘topped out.’ There is still a lot of work left.

With this year’s D23 Expo we now know the name and look of the galactic starcruiser guests will be checking in to for their adventure. The Halcyon will be taking guests on Star Wars adventure to that galaxy far, far away. Here’s a look at the model that have on display in the park’s pavilion at the D23 Expo.

If you look at the middle you can see the windows that will be the guest cabins, the show elements of the ship will all happen forward from that location, including on the bridge.

Instead of windows there will be large TV screens portraying your space journey and eventual orbit above the planet Batuu. Instead of phones you will have datapads. When you arrive at Batuu and want to visit you will be transported to Black Spire Outpost via a shuttle craft (aka bus with TV screens for windows).

In addition to other passengers, the ship will be staffed with characters from the Star Wars galaxy that you get to interact with as you become an active participant in the events that unfold.

The hotel is under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios right now and sits just off the backstage area of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

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Expect the experience to cost as much as luxury Disney Cruise and be very hard to book. Accommodations will be in well-appointed cabins and your onboard dining will be included.

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