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Construction begins on new BBQ restaurant in Toy Story Land

Back in April Disney surprised us by announcing Roundup Rodeo BBQ would be built just off the path of its very successful Toy Story Land expansion. One of the big complaints for the land is the lack of air-conditioning, so a restaurant with large indoor seating will be welcome, that it’s BBQ is just a bonus.

During the press junket for Toy Story 4, we were led to the movie theater in the old Animation building backstage in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Many of us noticed that they appeared to be gearing up for some construction around two buildings just behind the gates leading backstage from the Toy Story Land entrance with the giant Woody figure.

Here’s a shot of that area while Toy Story Land was under construction in 2017. You can see the two buildings just behind the berm and trees planted to separate Toy Story Land from backstage.

We aren’t allowed to take photos backstage, but looking over that gate from inside the park, you can now tell that the buildings are gone.

The buildings were once visible from the old studio tram tour and have recently been used as a cast member cafeteria and offices.

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Photo credit: Aerial photo courtesy nearmap circa Dec. 2017.

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