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Visiting Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land with Jared & Molly

The nostalgia levels are so high you can lick them right off the plate at the main Toy Story Land dining location – Woody’s Lunch Box. The menu focuses on classic comfort food items with a creative twist, exactly the sort of things Andy’s mom might have packed in his lunch box for school.

The Disney Blog is excited to have a new contributing pair of reporters. Jared and Molly will be sharing their adventures around Walt Disney World as they explore all of what this magical vacationland has to offer. Today they share with us a few items from the menu at Woody’s Lunch Box:

Woody’s Lunch Box features menus for both Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner. For breakfast you won’t want to miss their take on the pop-tart. You can choose the sweet Chocolate-Hazelnut pastry with a maple fondant and candied bacon or the lemon-blueberry filed tart. Entries include a breakfast bowl of scrambled eggs, tots, and brisket with country gravy, S’more french toast sandwich, smoked turkey sandwich, or a healthier banana split yogurt parfait.

Lunch and dinner items include: a very popular BBQ Brisket sandwich with cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese on grilled sourdough, a smoked turkey sandwich, the classic grilled three-cheese sandwich, and “totchos.” Plus those tarts are back, this time as dessert options. The location also has a special vegan cheese which they can use to make vegan grilled cheese and vegan chili which they use to make Vegan totchos. Both are delicious.

Back when Toy Story Land first opened we had a special demonstration of how to make those tasty totchos from Chef Lenny:

“Everyone has a special food memory, so it can be tricky putting a modern spin on the favorites,” explains Lenny DeGeorge, Concept Development Culinary Director for Walt Disney World. “We honored these classic dishes by using the best ingredients to elevate the flavors. How we constructed the sandwiches was important, such as layering the ingredients in a specific order, to maximize textures and flavors. Why have a cold sandwich when you can have a toasted, hot, gooey, cheese-filled one?”

Root Beer Float:

Grilled Cheese and Barrel Rolls (aka tater tots)

Vegan Totchos with Chili.

For now, Woody’s Lunch Box is the only dining location in Toy Story Land, but a new indoor BBQ location Woody’s Rodeo Roundup has already started construction.

Jared & Molly will be sharing more of their adventures around Walt Disney World with us at The Disney Blog. You can also find them on their own YouTube channel where they’ve started a fantastic series of videos exploring the parks land by land.

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