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Willow 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Digital Release

Forget all you know or think you know… Would you believe me if I told you it’s been 30 years since the Ron Howard & George Lucas classic “Willow” was released by Lucasfilm? Of course, now that Disney owns the Lucasfilm library, “Willow” is officially part of the Disney family. This release is the first “Willow” issue from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

We’re big fans of Willow Ufgood as played by Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer’s take on the swashbuckling warrior Madmartigan is iconic as well. We also loved the comic relief by the Brownie duo, Franjean and Rool played by Kevin Pollak and Rick Overton.

There’s a new 30th anniversary version of of “Willow,” that’s available as blu-ray and for the first time ever as a digital release. You can download the digital copy on Amazon or iTunes today.

Early reviews say this release is similar to the 2013 DVD release with its excellent remastering, but they have restored the 2001 commentary by Warwick Davis which is a very good reason to pick up this 30th anniversary edition.

Warwick Davis has been celebrating by sharing a few photos from his collection on Twitter:

We’ve been tracking rumors of a potential sequel. If you would like to see one, be sure to download the 30th anniversary release and show Disney and Lucasfilm there’s demand for a return to the world of Willow.