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Behind the scenes on Mickey’s Mix Magic at Disneyland

Mickey’s Mix Magic, an all-new nighttime extravaganza at Disneyland, places Mickey in the role of DJ as he electrifies the night with a family friendly dance mix of your favorite Disney tracks. The ear candy is matched with dazzling movie lights, lasers, and digital projections designed to immerse you in the magical show.

What I like about the show is how you can have different show experiences depending on where you stand on Main Street or in front of the ‘it’s a small world’ facade. The kaleidoscopic patterns featuring Mickey, Minnie, and your favorite Disney characters are a trip.

Hear from Disneyland’s expert entertainers, including the master of nighttime spectaculars Steven Davison, on how the magic of Mickey’s Mix Magic was made:

If you haven’t yet been to Disneyland to see Mickey’s Mix Magic, you’re missing one of the best uses of digital projection on the planet. Mickey’s Mix Magic is happening nightly at Disneyland. Visit on select nights, mostly Fridays and Saturdays, for the added bonus of Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle.

“Mickey’s Mix Magic” Fun Facts:

  • The new celebration song “It’s a Good Time” was written and produced specifically for the “World’s Biggest Mouse Party” that is underway at Disney Parks around the world, celebrating 90 years of magic with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
  • Guests will also dance and sing along to these tunes during “Mickey’s Mix Magic”: “I Wanna Be Like You” (The Jungle Book), “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat” (The Aristocats), “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin), “Grim Grinning Ghosts” (theme song from The Haunted Mansion attraction), “Un Poco Loco” (Coco) and “Let It Go” (Frozen).
  • The musical score of “Mickey’s Mix Magic” is inspired by the irresistible beat of “house music,” bringing energy and fun that appeals to the whole family.
  • The multi-speaker audio design in “Mickey’s Mix Magic” supports the “dance party” feel of the show throughout the park, immersing guests in surround sound.
  • Each viewing area in the park – Main Street, U.S.A., the façade of “it’s a small world” and the water screens of the Rivers of America (when “Fantasmic!” returns in March)– has a custom projection design, which makes for a unique show experience wherever guests are.
  • More than two dozen video projectors bring “Mickey’s Mix Magic” to life throughout the park, and 14 of those are on Main Street, U.S.A., alone.
  • Nearly 100 special lighting fixtures are utilized throughout the show, and they sit atop 10 different rooftops throughout the park.
  • Disney Parks Live Entertainment collaborated with the team behind the latest Mickey animated shorts to bring the youthful, playful and mischievous personality of Mickey Mouse to the show. Minnie Mouse is also featured, showing off some of her dance moves from the pair’s popular international cartoon adventures.
  • Much of the mapped video projection of “Mickey’s Mix Magic” is original content. Instead of cinematic scenes, favorite Disney characters are creatively showcased amidst kaleidoscopic patterns that move with the music beat.

(Photo courtesy Disneyland. Joshua Sudock photographer)