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Downtown Disney preparing to close several businesses to build new hotel

Disneyland’s decision to move their new luxury hotel from the parking lot next door to Downtown Disney to right on top of it, will result in a number of popular locations at Disneyland’s outdoor mall to close. Among the locations that will close shortly are ESPN Zone, AMC Downtown Disney theaters, and Rainforest Cafe. The new resort will have some space for retail and dining, but during construction some adjustments are required.

Closures of the following locations are expected to begin in June:

AMC 12 Theaters
Rainforest Café
Earl of Sandwich
Alamo Rent-a-car
Starbucks (on the west side)
A Disney Vacation Club office
A Walt Disney Travel Company office

We have learned that AMC Downtown Disney will move over to GardenWalk on the other side of the Disney Resort. The Rainforest Cafe, Earl of Sandwich, Starbucks, and Alamo office are also expected to move to new locations.

The hotel will employ 1,000 cast members when it opens and is expected to employ 1,500 during construction. Hotel construction will start in the summer with an estimated opening date sometime in 2021.

Which Downtown Disney location will you miss the most?

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6 thoughts on “Downtown Disney preparing to close several businesses to build new hotel”

  1. I’ll miss ESPN Zone the most.
    But I’m a big time hotel guy, so this will be a net win for me.
    Although 2021 is a long way off.

  2. Will there still be access to Downtown Disney from the Disneyland Hotel/Paradise Pier area? That looks like a heck of a swatch of closure of everything up to the Monorail, but if both sides of that plaza are closed, how does one get through to ride in the Monorail or walk into the park from hotels on that side of the world?

    1. You’ll still be able to walk to Disneyland or the monorail station from the Disneyland Hotel — right through the middle of the new hotel property. Some concept art shows the new hotel to be essentially on the second floor of Downtown Disney, with retail and sidewalks beneath it at ground level.

  3. Rainforest Cafe. It’s tradition for my family and it wouldn’t feel like a Disney vacation without eating there. Hopefully it moves somewhere else in Anaheim.

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