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Disney’s Box Office Battle: The Last Jedi and Coco pass new milestones

It’s been a good month for Disney at the box office. The year-end tent-pole movie Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi just lassoed Wonder Woman for the second-place spot on the 2017 box office domestic North America gross list with $424M compared to $413M for Wonder Woman. The year isn’t over yet, and it is very possible The Last Jedi will catch up with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which earned $504M. The film only needs to maintain its current weekday pace and it will get there with a day to spare.

Worldwide box office hasn’t been as kind to Star Wars: The Last Jedi where it ranks 8th in 2017 at $844M. That said, it now looks clear that the film will gross more than a billion in 2017. It will have to gross more than $1.27 billion to get a spot on the top 10 all time list. Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended up with $2.1B and ranks 3rd on that list.

Throw a big bone to Pixar’s Coco too, which just reached $500M for its worldwide total gross, aided greatly by record numbers in Mexico and China. The animated feature has yet to open in some international markets too (the UK, Brazil, Korea, Australia and Italy) so there’s hope for $600M too. It’s a shame this highly regarded (two Golden Globe nominations for a start) gem of a movie isn’t doing very well domestically where it only earned $167M. The movie ranks 16 out of 19 for Pixar films in domestic earnings, but it’s ahead of Cars 3, the other Pixar film that came out in 2017. Maybe the domestic market for Pixar films has just softened after a few movies that were perceived as substandard for the studio?

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