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Disney reaches $6 Billion at Worldwide Box Office thanks to Star Wars

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already making a big difference for Disney’s Box Office coffers. It was only a few weeks ago when we celebrated Disney passing the $5 billion mark at the worldwide box office for Disney. Now, with 12 days to go before 2017 runs out the clock, Disney can celebrate passing the $6 billion mark as well with The Last Jedi’s $640 million through Friday playing a large role.

Disney has had the top spot at the box office for more than a month thanks to both Pixar’s Coco and Lucasfilm’s The Last Jedi. Not too shabby.

Disney is the only studio to achieve this milestone twice (two years in a row in this case). In fact, last year Disney hit a record $7.6B in global box office earnings. There’s no hope of Disney to do that this year, but it can celebrate it’s third consecutive year of reaching $5B. It’s also the only studio to have done that too.

The Mouse House can definitely use this money as they just made a $52.4 billion offer for 21st Century Fox assets. If this acquisition had happened last year, Disney’s earnings for 2017 would have included an additional $2.9 billion just from Fox studio films (with ‘Logan’ having brought in the most at $618M worldwide).

How much of that $6B have you contributed to Disney’s bottom line this year?

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