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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny debuts first and second episodes

In case you missed it, the first episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny “Sands of Destiny” dropped on YouTube earlier this week. The episode reveals Rey and BB-8’s first ever adventure. Forces of Destiny animated shorts are part of Lucasfilm’s efforts to expand the appeal of Star Wars to young women.

If you remember from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey saves the cute sassy soccer ball shaped droid, but tells him that he’ll have to leave in the morning. The next morning they’re hanging out together in town. What made her change her mind? Turns out there was an encounter with a Star Wars monster called a nightwatcher worm, which you can see in the episode:

The second episode has now been released as well. In it, the adventures of Rey and BB-8 on the Sands of Jakku continue

Looks like being compassionate with that nightwatcher paid off.

Daisy Ridley returned to voice Rey while Lupita Nyong’o provided the narration as Maz Kanata. 14 more animated shorts are expected in the Forces of Destiny series. They will appear at all throughout he Star Wars timeline and feature the voices of many of the franchise female heroes. Eventually they will all be on the Disney Channel too.

Update: Episode Three has just been released and it has ewoks.

Here’s Lucasfilm’s first look at the Forces of Destiny series:

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