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Moana – How it should have ended

The fantastic parody video makers at How it Should have Ended, have turned their sharp wit to Disney’s hit movie “Moana” with a look at, well, how it should have ended. Should Moana have left the island, would Maui really have been better off on his own, did HeiHei have a secret plan for world domination? All those questions and more are not answered in this video, but this take does make a lot more sense.

Stay for the post-credits scene:

Okay. Dead-on as usual. Not their funniest take on the movies, but you have to wonder about an ocean spirit that’s smart enough to woe and cultivate Moana for all those years, that isn’t able to just dowse the flames of Te Kā, the lava demon of Earth and fire.

Also totally shipping Heihei the vacant chicken and Becky the daft loon. If that isn’t a future short film from Disney and Pixar animators they’re asleep at the wheel up there in Burbank and Emeryville.

As a bonus, here’s the Jordan Fisher video, with Lin-Manuel Miranda, for You’re Welcome from Disney’s Moana