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“Beauty and the Beast” cover video by Disney YouTubers Traci Hines and Nick Pitera

Traci Hines, YouTuber and part-time mermaid, is out with another fantastic music video, this one inspired by Disney’s classic tale of love and understanding overcoming seemingly impossible barriers, “Beauty and the Beast.” With a new movie bursting barriers at the box office, Hines deserves a lot of credit for assembling a team capable of elevating a YouTube video to something almost cinematic.

Playing the part of the Beast, and adding his own amazing vocal talents, is Nick Pitera. “Traci is an amazing singer and Youtuber,” said Pitera. ‘We’ve known each other for a long time and have been meaning to collaborate for years. Considering we’re both big Disney fans this felt like an appropriate collaboration.”

“This is heavily inspired by the 1991 animated Disney version, which is my favorite adaptation of the fairytale,” said Hines. “I hope our video makes tons of people smile this week. It was a true labor of love.”

I like how Hines went full Rose Garden on her interpretation of Belle’s ballgown. “In my concept for the video I imagined the dress itself was enchanted by the spell,” said Hines. “Once Belle started to fall in love w/the Beast, roses began blooming on her gown, symbolizing her love blooming for him.”

Brief but wonderful Gaston and LeFou cameos by Richard Arthur (aka theofficialariel ) and Brian Hull ( aka brianhullsvoice ) and the trio of fawning ladies were great too.

Hines really went all the way for this video. She even worked with real wolves (from project wildsong ). That’s Cael and Damu on screen. See how they worked with the wolves and a lot more in this behind the scenes look at the making of the video, courtesy Pitera himself.

Finally, be sure to check out the work of Nephi Garcia (aka DesignerDaddy on Instagram) for more of the great Beauty and the Beast inspired outfits he created.

It’s creative people like this who inspire me to keep going with my own projects. How about you?

(Photo via Chico_Productions )

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